While in the Middle of a Graduate Fair in Rhode Island

You’ve stopped dancing within an imaginary black silhouette of
longing despair--an outline that shines down upon you--and only you, while you’re in
the middle of a crowded room.

You’ve stopped dreaming…
A seeping hatred for false bravado movement,

Every smile forced…

Words uttered that are phony, almost condescending…leading you to the point of
screaming to the rafters;

“I hurt.”
“I detest.”
“I die.”

While At The Same Damn Fair in Rhode Island

You’ve lost the brazen glow of semi-youth…with a little less hair and a lot more flab that
emotionally, as well as physically corrals you from the “I still have these live options”

Your days of watching and searching are now pathetically over.

Only death looms large.

Dan Provost is 41 years old and reads a lot of poetry. Some of his favorites include:
Bukowski, Lyn Lyfshin, RC Edrington, JJ Campbell, and Arthur Rimbald. He has been
published in numerous poetry e-zines and small print magazines.

© 2004 Underground Voices