Iris Circle, Again

I awoke from a nightmare of my own devising
and came back into the one we shared:
it was 4 am and she was next to me
overdosing on cocaine

she shimmied and shook, naked and
smeared brown from the previous night’s
compulsive injecting

eyes rolled back into her head
arms twisting at arcane
spastic angles

a sad
98 pound
St. Vitus

amidst the screaming
and the phone calls
and the ambulance
and the restraints
she looked at me
and said
“Why did you let me wake up?”

one sound
above the screams and the
crying and the sirens
still reverberates in my head

the sound of the paramedics
heavy, solid boots
treading on, and crunching underfoot
the remnants
of a life imploded

Tony O'Neill is a writer based in New York City. His debut novel, "Digging The Vein" is due to be published in the US and Canada Feb 2006. It is an account of the years he spent as a heroin addict in Los Angeles and London.

His work has been featured in Laura Hirds Showcase, 3am Magazine, Savage Kick #2, Scarecrow, Zygote in my Coffee, Spent Meat (upcoming) and a number of other places.

His website is www.tonyoneill.net

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