Dronk en poes het my lewe verwoes
("Booze and Pussy Destroyed My Life" )

Derrick is drunk and offensive, can’t sit still
His negative energy’s offending the clientele
“Who you angry with Derrick?”
“’Cos I’m the best fucken cabinet maker in the country and I haven’t
even got a car.”
“So you pull in here and cause kak
Hoping that someone will fuck you up
You want to be punished
You know you deserve it.”
There’s a moment of clarity
In Derrick’s fogged-up eyes
Then he dives back into deep denial
Stand up, shakes his fist,
Screams, “Arsenal!”
Sprints out into the night
Still clutching his empty Castle

Raison d’etre

Women will put up with
Any amount of torture
In order to make a relationship
I only did the torturing
I Could

The Mythless Man

Because of his exclusive diet
Of Illusion
The Mythless Man
Stockpiles more products
Than he has the time to,

He requires the constantly renewable jouissance
Of the value exchange

Of that moment when his labour
Represented as money
Is swapped for the Other’s labour
Represented by the product

In a sense
The Mythless Man
Is buying Time

Terrified, not only of Death,
But of his own purposeless Life
He endlessly postpones his Day of Judgement
In the delaying tactics of
Constant purchasing
He avoids the meaning of time
(and thus of being)
Focusing instead on its reification
And ongoing replication
In collectables.

This is how he earns his
Customer Of The Month award.

Aryan Kaganof drives Audi and shoots Glock. His favourite mode is prosopopoeia. He lives in Johannesburg.

© 2004 Underground Voices