Selected poems by RC Edrington (June 2013).   
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"If you expect pretty poems, throw this book away. If you expect to ignite, to face the fire & its graphic horrors, buy this book. This poet has burned in Hell, & he is a witness to the ugly & the profane. I'm surprised he's still alive, & writing, showing us details of his tribulations & time spent wasted as a full-blown junkie. The only reason a man has to write poetry is to hang on, that's how poetry “saves” a poet, tight to the end of the rope, while below us is the maw of oblivion. RC's poetry has kept him breathing, & us listening at that edge of a thread, or needle, thank fucking God." -- Ron Androla

"Edrington in effect opens the curtain on his psyche so that his readers become voyeuristic accomplices regarding his relationships. This is not to say that this is what the poet intended. I'm not certain he cares what his readers think." -- Scott Malby

"Edrington reflects, in graphic detail, on years of substance abuse, veins and syringes filled with heroin, used razor blades, brains and blood splattered on dirty floors, too much booze, self and female masturbation, living on the line, even prison green tattoos - it's all here."--Steve Anderson

"RC Edrington, a former bartender from Arizona, provides a different type of gritty, urban realism, one more in the tradition of Chas Bukowski and Bill Burroughs where life has a toxicological centre. But, pastiche it is not. Though perhaps being heard from the same direction, Edrington's is a distinct voice that could be best described as post-modern beat." -- John Mingay

"The poems in ‘Scarred Canvas’ are emotion packed powerful images not created to shock but to draw you in to the world of chaos and fragile reality that Edrington has crawled, witnessed and bled. Whether it is shooting up heroin, searching for coins for the next hit, hanging with prostitutes, troubled borderline of suicidal tendencies, series amount of cigarettes and alcohol, tattoos, murders and the dirty realistic side to Hollywood hidden from the flashing cameras of wandering tourists, these poems explode from the page as shrapnel, lodged in the mind for days." --Stephen Byrne, The Ranting Beast

"There are little points of haunting beauty in every poem, no matter how grim the subject, that show that life can be cruel and spectacular at once. I don’t think the poems, grim and hard-hitting as they are, would have meant quite as much without these moments." --Victoria Hooper, Editor, Polluto Magazine

RC Edrington has been a scourge on the small press for years. He's published numerous chapbooks, the first being Whiskey Coma Blues. His scribbles have also appeared in countless journals, anthologies, e-zines and magazines. He offers no graduate degree in any imaginary art form. Nor can he produce a certificate of authentication from any hip writing guild to prove he is an actual writer. He despises hip coffee boutiques and the meaningless flesh that haunts them.

Use Once & Destroy Bluechrome Publishing (2005)
Portraits From A Barrio Toilet Stall Blind Leper Press (2007)
Apocalypse Generation Tainted Coffee Press (2010)

Whiskey Coma Blues by Implosion Press (1991)
Nicotine Dreams (2002)
Lipstick Bruise (2002)
Vacant (2003)
Fleshwounds Ten Page Press (2011)