I lost god under my sweat socks

Behind my dirty secrets under my pillow

Next to stashed promises re-filed from my bathrobe pockets

I lost god on a scale I used to balance judgement and punishment

That faces a cracked mirror which

Captures all too well the accusing eyes of fake rock-star smiles

I lost god in a leather bound bible paperweight

Read by champions and losers alike

Living in the Leviticus of mind games

I lost god

But someone else will come along to replace him


c. jane 2002


I waited in a room

Among the rows of bright orange chairs

Surrounded by gray walls with 70ís print wallpaper

In front of a red door from behind which names are called

Between white stuck up noses

I waited in a room

Full of an illegal culture of forbidden class

Waiting for someone to finally certify my state of being

A soulmate, a lover, a friend

To call my name from behind the red door

I am still waiting

c. jane 2001

born and raised in Philadelphia, JANE is now a Chicago based spoken word poet who's
work has been critically acclaimed by listeners and readers as "provacative,"
"altering," "intense," and "sexy." she has graced the microphones of such famous
venues as The Green Mill (Chicago) and Nuyorican Poet's Cafe (New York) and is proud
to have shared her ideas with both the underground artist community as well as the
above ground mainstream punks. she maintains a repetoir of material that covers all
aspects of life as influenced by her own diverse personal experience. her goal is
to force the reader/listener to critically evaluate our cultural rituals and habits,
to examine life from more than one angle, and to challenge current themes.

JANE has just ended a nine month open mic run at Chicago's Beviamo's Wine Bar and is
currently appearing monthly at Trace (Chicago) with the Polyrhythmics group. please
visit her website to learn where and when JANE will be performing next and to stay
abreast of upcoming JANE projects.

© 2003 Underground Voices