The Meeting Minutes of the Homeless, Mad
& Otherwise Clinically Depressed

hopelessly (laughing all the way)
we dialogue over dollar coffee almost daily

the 65 year old guy sleeping on floors for nearly a year
the slightly tilted Korean vet
living in the bushes around the corner for almost as long
the 3rd a recent Yale grad
freezing his ass off in a downtown loft waiting for work
the 4th couch surfer sprung from the womb of this stylish neighborhood
recovering from a soft stroke some months back

hand rolled cigarettes & caffeine fueled small talk
wrap themselves around precious days
addressing issues far out of anyone's orbit :
warrior presidents next to god the global buck
the anathema & irrelevance of old world theologies
false elections
shrinking budgets & crippling debt
the centuries old exercise of obscene freedom
as practiced upon the free
& the infinite justice of unholy war

we live death
every moment
every day
imagined or not
one foot in front of the other
one leg at a time

the untouchable republic
America, flame thrower of love

dreamers awake
a pale rider on dark horse
approaches full of eyes
armed with a shout
to raise the dead
& will not be

Weapons of Mass Destruction

she was studying Dante's Inferno
for her senior lit class

we sat side by side in 3rd period art

"Why are liars in a lower level of hell
than the murderers?"

impressed & curious
that she would
defer to me
on something I hadn't read
I gave it a beat
then surprised myself,
"The truth is,
that the murderer probably only
kills one person.
The liar can potentially
kill millions, like Hitler."

satisfied she had her answer
we shifted subjects
& continued on with our

she was more beautiful
than I could have known at the time

Vietnam was waiting for me
rents were cheap & inflation
was just appearing upon the
landscape of our Yankee lexicon

if we only knew

S.A. Griffin is the author of Unborn Again (Phony Lid),
A One Legged Man Standing Casually On Hollywood Blvd.
Smoking A Cigarette
(1989, Shelf Life Press), Heaven Is
One Long Naked Dance
(1993, Rose of Sharon Press),
Twisted Cadillac: A Spoken Word Odyssey
(with The Carma Bums, 1996, Sacred Beverage Press)
and Co-Editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
(1999, Thunderís Mouth Press).

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