Straight & Crazy River
John Dorsey's Birthday Poem

hanging at the local cafe

drinking copious amounts of coffee
experiencing liftoff thru the poem :
d.a. levy
johh macker

the beautiful brunette
laughing over a good book
off to my left

wanting just to say hello stranger
you are so damned beautiful
but not wanting to
shift her rhythm

not wanting to
scare the shit out of her
because some tall
bald no one
wants to see her
sweat & moan

but of course
it would never happen
except maybe on a crowded elevator carnival ride
between floors
going up
                  going down

(as thought / a glance
in heartbeat surprise
where I hold the keen dark beauty
innocent captive

more coffee)

& aren't we all eternal angels?

it's all about quality
who cares how long we live
how big

seeing beyond the
piercing construction
& the tattooed skyline
digging the form
for all it's worth

the world's sweet ass
bent over
filling the universe
full of its
cause &
infernal celebration

dream liberation thru
death the whispering

the masturbating cosmos

I come back as a photograph of
what I meant to say
where anyone could hold me
at a safe distance
& say he was crazy, yes
but burned like a glorious comet
across the dark deep nite
shouting hallelujah &

eternity just an afterthought
before the final

the veil lifted
to celebrate the
with yet another

S.A. Griffin is the author of Unborn Again (Phony Lid),
A One Legged Man Standing Casually On Hollywood Blvd.
Smoking A Cigarette
(1989, Shelf Life Press), Heaven Is
One Long Naked Dance
(1993, Rose of Sharon Press),
Twisted Cadillac: A Spoken Word Odyssey
(with The Carma Bums, 1996, Sacred Beverage Press)
and Co-Editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
(1999, Thunderís Mouth Press).

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