Variations On Sonnet of Shakespeare

it is impossible for me to find fault in the
union of two souls possessed of true faith

love is false that seeks change or

for love is constant and
true to it's course

love never falls victim to
and is the guiding light in the
darkness of every wandering soul

love is immeasurable
tho it is often the subject of scrutiny and

love does not fade like the color in rosy
cheeks and lips robbed by the passing of

love that is forged by the first few moments faith
is faultless

if I am wrong and
proved so

then I am a liar and
incapable of love

2003 S.A. Griffin

S.A. Griffin is the author of Unborn Again (Phony Lid), A One Legged Man Standing Casually On Hollywood Blvd.
Smoking A Cigarette
(1989, Shelf Life Press), Heaven Is One Long Naked Dance (1993, Rose of Sharon Press),
Twisted Cadillac: A Spoken Word Odyssey (with The Carma Bums, 1996, Sacred Beverage Press) and Co-Editor
of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (1999, Thunderís Mouth Press).

© 2003 Underground Voices