Pepto-bismo flavored room

ever since he was a young boy
he was always a little girl
first chance he got
he traded old willy
for new spiked heels
and a clean bikini line
all part of the pain change will cause
he was called a tinkerbell
a name he could fly on any day
if he was one of those babies
made in a lab
instead of the backseat
of cars
maybe then he wouldn't fault the mother
he never knew
who never knew him
the one who sprouted terms of endearment
over the tops of liquors glasses
only to leave him alone
in the best of company
with the sounds
of some young boys cries

brittani is a native of kalamazoo, mi.
she now lives in chicago, where she attends
columbia college chicago, studying to become
a theatre director and interpreter for
the deaf.

2004 Underground Voices