Again over and over

Ugly morning starts with the glare of the sun,
I'm half blind but the introduction of vision matters less
as half my head is consumed by a stampede of industry
the other is in steep decline
and the picket line is manned by the lazy and the foul.

Lets continue with indifference
the silent treatment of you talking
I distracted
then a response
five minutes after the event

Wait til five and I exit half a man
the other half probably is still a kid fishing for utopia in nineteen ninety six.
The last year
has been a series of black horses
and mid morning cigarettes


Once through the city
twice is quite enough.
The confident swagger of the pampered and mild.
Who in truth could be anything other
then I think them to be.
Keep looking down at the pavement
and dodge the chewed up trodden in gum
and the pools of dirty yellow
heaven knows what that is,
most likely it has occurred out of
drunken abandon.

Plenty to look forward to

Remarkably I still have a tan
although born an axe I split
the sun and moon
with effortless apathy

The widows swoon with the curtains open
the draft sweeps in
as the neighbour with dementia
forgets his son

The mind plays tricks
and tomorrow was different
from what I can remember
I was content

Richard Wink is a writer based in Norwich, England.

2007 Underground Voices