The War

The War had its grandchildren over for the afternoon
they looked at the scrapbook
smiled, told one another jokes, ate well...
The War told everyone it was going to wear brand new clothes
but if you look close enough
the labels are angrily familiar...
The War knows where to buy food cheap
but good stuff nonetheless...
The War had a drinking problem
but it got smart, joined AA
nothing but coffee now...
The War came over to my apartment this afternoon
to borrow a video
I don't know as I should loan the War any of my things
It usually loses them, forgets to return anything...
The War got on its knees and prayed for more victims
before turning in.
Dear God, the War said, please let me go on and on and on
I am enjoying myself.
The War is getting younger all the time.
Nobody should look that young.

another Godzilla poem

godzilla fucks Japan
i can't look
this isn't real love, you know,
godzilla is way too huge
Japan is too vulnerable around the eyes
someone writes a book
about being too vulnerable
someone sings a hit tune
godzilla needs a fay wray or something
to calm his fire down
well, king has fay
nothing much to do there
is there a geisha in Japan who can
hold her own
Japan falls apart
except for their auto industry
and that seemingly goes on forever
i saw a toyota
walking on water
lovely lovely lovely indeed
godzilla can't actually fit into a toyota
the joke is actually on him

Scott Wannberg is the author of Mr.Mumps (Ouija Madness Press), Electric Yes Indeed
(Shelf Life Press), Amnesia Motel (Dance of the Iguana Press), Juice:the Musical!
(Rose of Sharon Press), Equal Opportunity Sledgehammer (Lummox Little Red Book Series),
and Nomads of Oblivion (Lummox Little Red Book Series). His work is also included
in Twisted Cadillac,a book about the Carma Bums (Sacred Beverage Press). Forthcoming
work from Red Hen Press is due later this year.

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