Rumors of Life

Men and women argue about which gender has been
wounded the most.
Law abiding women and men demand their chance at
being outlaws.
Rumors of Life everywhere you hang.
Cities of humans bent on doing good.
Bent humans in cities up to no good.
Bring the flame a little closer.
Let me see your doctor's calling card.
God won't see you unless you make an appointment.
Bring your insurance.
Men and women line each other up on the firing range.
Look at me, they say, and bow toward the comet
that is determined to smash into us.
Men and men too will be coming over soon.
Women and women as well, to follow.
They all come with their pails and shovels.
they all want their time in the big sandbox of love.
Rumors of Life in every corner of the dark hole.
The only true disease tonight is the one of pride,
and what you think you really might turn out to be
when all of it ends.
The wind comes over for tea,
the wind begins to blow its anger.
Watch the faces and the hearts of the men and women
blowing ever so polite
across the barbed wire.
Watch the smiling hit squad
they claim they have good aim.
Keep your fingers crossed,
tell all lies with conviction.
God will see you now.
You may not come out alive.
But God is whittling his knife and
very much wants to take a look into you.

Scott Wannberg is the author of Mr.Mumps (Ouija Madness Press), Electric Yes Indeed
(Shelf Life Press), Amnesia Motel (Dance of the Iguana Press), Juice:the Musical!
(Rose of Sharon Press), Equal Opportunity Sledgehammer (Lummox Little Red Book Series),
and Nomads of Oblivion (Lummox Little Red Book Series). His work is also included
in Twisted Cadillac,a book about the Carma Bums (Sacred Beverage Press). Forthcoming
work from Red Hen Press is due later this year.

2003 Underground Voices