Hands covered even in darkness;
chain-linked gestures.
Arms hooked as if to dosey doe.
It is freezing and most
are wearing hats, staring straight
ahead for not to see the ones
that disagree with them.
I hope that dinner was already cooked
and eaten.
I hope
the ones with kids already
sent them off to play at Jimmy's.
I'd rather have seen them
with swords and torches,
walking through the square with
ghoulish faces.
Instead, they stood.
Candles melted down into
their hand-made gloves,
their garments ruffled in the wind.
And nothing at all
was said.

Joseph Veronneau runs Scintillating Publications,
publishers of fine chapbooks and the annual
literary journal, AGUA. His own poems have
appeared widely throughout the small press.
He has 2 new chapbooks about to be released in
the upcoming months, one from Pudding House
Press, the other from Propaganda Press.


2008 Underground Voices