At the Dinner Table

At the checker tableclothed table
my grandparents called each other lying
bastards, old witch, and clueless,
if not for my uncle having been
excluded from conversation
due to drunkeness,
my other uncle too busy talking about
his latest pick-up line
and the latest fox he had met
at the local pub,
had it not been that
the dog was readily available
to chow down
whatever unidentifiable food it was
that I tossed under the table,
or that we were all being warped
by the microwave which sat
no more than a foot behind all of us
and that we were all poisoned from its deathrays,
had these not been truths
I would have asked to have been excused
much earlier.

Immeasurable Twilight

Where plotted betrayals
waft through the dusk-filled air like music
through our bodies.
Our daydreams take fruition
on grounds of inadmissible motives,
then return home to lay once again
where the essence of nightmares and
daylight rise once more.

Joseph Veronneau runs Scintillating Publications.
His own poems have appeared in many print and online
magazines, such as Chiron Review, Barbaric Yawp,
Zen Baby, Fearless, Zygote In My Coffee, Thieves Jargon,
Lunatic Chameleon, Lily, and many others.

His website can be found at:

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