Up by the bridge
mangy men stand bow-legged,
hands deep into their
jean pockets.
The street is pot-holed,
cars cruise thru and nearly lose
their front bumpers,
the aroma of glazed tar
spanning the site.

Twenty of them sit by
the side of the road idle;
one talks on a cell phone
as cables are being planted
or so I am told.

They will not finish there
for some time to come,
the paycheck is good
and beats unemployment.
So the cars will continue
their illegal u-turns
and people will continue
to raise their arms to the air
as if God will better direct this traffic
right after his lunch break.

Joseph Veronneau runs Scintillating Publications.
His own poems have appeared in many print and online
magazines, such as Chiron Review, Barbaric Yawp,
Zen Baby, Fearless, Zygote In My Coffee, Thieves Jargon,
Lunatic Chameleon, Lily, and many others.

His website can be found at:

2005 Underground Voices