Po' Boy on a Roll

If I had wheels instead of feet

Id be a rolling




Sort of man

And let insects nest in my beard

Everyone needs a home

At the very least

a ride somewhere

And Id smell everything on the road

Just a rolling nose and beard with a generous dash of Cajun spices

And the restless fingers of a rock and roller before hes learned

to play the guitar

If I could find a culture that barters

Id trade one wheel for a wing

So I could be a unicycling

                                    Fresh andouille

                                                          Flying circles


                                                                                      Fuel burning

                                                                                                         No direction

Sort of man

And keep cashews in my pockets for homeless squirrels

Everyone needs a break

At the very least

One lucky spin

And Id fall in love with every woman that smiles at me

Just a rolling, flying heart pumping toxic hormonal love

And beating love songs in Morse code

If I could transform from flesh into light

Id torch my arms and chest

So I could be a supernova


                                                       Burned out retinas

                                                                                 Wrestling angels

                                                                                                          habaneros on a

                                    baked potato

Sort of man

And keep fire on my tongue

Everyone needs a light

At the very least

A little heat

And Id breath on every newborn baby

So theyd know of fire and driving

without maps

And never in their lives fear an

Unlit road.

Armin Tolentino is a 23 year old living in Brighton, MA but originally hails
from Lincoln Park, NJ and spent a year in Baltimore, MD. He hates doing
laundry, but does enjoy cleaning the lint trap.

2005 Underground Voices