No Motive

If I stop to reflect on my recent life

I'm amazed at what has happened

Usually with varying degrees of alcohol involved


broken things

been locked up

cut my wrists

cooked my dick on a frying pan

broken down in public (multiple times)

fought security guards

licked cigarette ash off the carpet

licked the feet of my friend's girlfriend while she jerked him off

snorted crystal meth so hard that it chiseled away at my spine 'til it don't work no more

bit the necks off of beer bottles

slept in freezing doorways

poured my heart out blindly to women

(which is like giving government secrets to the Soviets)

written open wound letters to hollow-headed twats that didn't deserve them

fell crashing through brush and trapped myself in high-walled valleys

lay on the floor naked languishing in impenetrable darkness

gave up and swore allegiance to the security machine

And it drives home the point that

Within the realm of human existence

Absolutely nothing is beyond the boundaries of reason

So don't be surprised


Scott Taylor is 30 years old, and lives in Denver, Colorado. He is a writer and a
musician. Among his literary influences are Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs and
William Vollman.

2004 Underground Voices