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I was born in a "Kibbutz," a settlement surrounded by the stark beauty of the Israeli desert. As a young girl I discovered the magic of colors, the flow of lines and the wonders of imagination. I loved to paint.

At school I did not get along with art teachers. I wanted to paint "my way". The Museum became my playground. I Loved Leonardo de Vinci for beauty and Michelangelo for power.

An extensive Van Gogh exhibition came to town. The immense passion that came through his brush strokes captured my heart. I discovered that feelings could be painted.

Traveling to New York, I visited the Metropolitan Museum where I saw Dali's paintings for the first time. My eyes were opened to the world of Surrealism. That night I had a vivid dream. Waking up I sketched the image on paper and later painted it in oils. It was my first surreal painting. I found my calling. In New York I fell in love and got married. I returned with my husband to Israel where I became well known.

I love the desert, rocks, the beauty of the human body and…..Science fiction. People and landscapes appear disguised in my paintings. I never went to art school; I learned by looking at the Masters. I learned by experimenting. I paint in solitude, no sound and no distractions. I have learned to listen to my inner voice. I don't paint when this voice is silent. My art is painted from the heart. Never bending to trends or popularity.

We immigrated to California, raised a family and built a home. Years went by. Time came to exhibit again. I was very pleased to get a devoted following. Art lovers who collect my paintings and follow me from show to show, waiting for new releases.

My work debuted at the largest international Art Trade show in the United States. "Art Expo New York 2002". As a result I received extensive press and representation by several Galleries. I have been a part of ArtExpo New York ever since. My painting "Passage" was featured on the cover of "Art Business News" The article named me as one of today's "handful of modern-day surrealists". It was heart warming to get that recognition.

People find their own stories in my paintings. They tell me that my Art touches their soul. I am grateful for that.


Paintings are not planned, they are purely intuitive. Each original is a long labor of love. The first step is an Idea. A wooden board is coated with gesso ( a painter's medium) and sanded until a very smooth undercoat results. Oil paints and sable brushed are used to paint a complete background. After it has dried, another layer is applied. Symbolic stories are created; images come to life. The painting evolves and changes; it is finished when it "feels right" to Ora. Completing a painting takes anywhere from a month to several years.

Limited Editions

In the world of fine art, a limited edition print is a quality representation of an original work of art that is published in finite, or limited, quantity determined by the artist. The "Limited Edition" is the finest Quality recreation of original art.


The original painting is transformed to a print by using sophisticated digital print technologies. The artist and printer collaborate making alterations to achieve an exact color match to the original. Giclee' is a French term meaning "spray of ink". Droplets of archival inks are sprayed on paper or canvas at the rate of 4-5 million droplets per second. The complete print is pulled off the drum and "finished" by applying an ultra violet light retardant and then varnish. Ora personally inspects and signs each of he Giclee' prints.


This is a form of enhancement to the reproduction. The print is painted over by the artist. Using oil paints, medium and varnish- the same technique used in an original painting. This makes each of Ora's embellished Giclee' a unique work of Art.

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