One for Li Po

It's 9:00 A.M.
early May
I light a cigar
& walk out onto
the old stone patio
it rained all night
the forsythia are more
green than yellow
cherry blossom petals
stick to my shoes
my cigar smoke
drifts downward
toward the old covered
swimming pool then
vanishes above
brown leaves floating
in rainwater on top
of the sagging cover
the skin around my neck
is a little looser this year
I tap my ash in a puddle
in a while I'll pick up
a few bottles
cover the windows
with wool blankets
and turn out the lights
and dream away
in my womb of wine

Feeling Lucky

It's late March
10:08 P.M.

I have my car window
lowered for the first
time in a while

my right palm rests
across the bottom
of the wheel

the other holds
a fresh cigarette

sitting at a red light
tapping the ashes
out into the dark
I think for a moment
of all the men
spending their first night
in their graves

and then all four
strings of traffic lights
flash green

so I punch the gas
and the guts
of my old car
pull me through

Robert Plath has one book of published poems called Ashtrays
and Bulls (2003 1st place winner of Nerve Cowboy's chapbook
contest). He has published poems in Barfing Dog Press, Big
City Lit, Blowback, Chiron Review, Devil Blossoms, Evolution,
Gnome, Long Island Quarterly, Lunatic Chameleon, Mad Swirl,
Mannequin Envy, Nerve Cowboy, Pearl, Poetrybay, Polarity, Sho,
Soul Fountain, Stickman Review, The Idiot, Zygote in my Coffee.
He also has poems forthcoming in Cerebral Catalyst, decomP,
Masodon Dentist, Laurahird's Showcase, Dying Writers, ragged
Edge , Showcase Press Poetry Journal, (print issue) and Strange
Road. In 2002, he was part of a spoken word/music CD Northport
Celebrates Jack (a Kerouac tribute) featuring world famous
musician David Amram. He was also a student of Allen Ginsberg's
for two years.

2007 Underground Voices