Stories Told in Variegated Inks and Lurid Dyes

The Streets All Run Down to the Harbor—Rivulets of Water and Discarded Thoughts and Scraps of Conversations:
Ink-Thoughts Running in the Rain/Park/Doldrum/Afternoon
Memory-Vapor and Bio-Froth Delights in the City Now Re-Named Absolutea!
Phosphor-Trails & Glowing Lights
Let the Pen Do All the Work!
Stragglers in the Rainy Park Pass By Like Phantoms
Seasons of Regret and Oil of Missed Chances in an Elliptical Orbit:
The Formulatticca Problemensis

Tales of Morphesis
Hum of Narcoleptic Insects
Sputter & Cough of Ancient Propellor-Driven Aircraft in a Persistant Dream of Childhood
The Pen Moves Hesitantly—Waiting For Instructions From It’s Master Who Has Succumbed to the
Dissipations of the Mighty Doldrums
The Fatigue Stretches For Miles and Colors the Sky and Trees and Faces While It Holds Me Motionless
Washington Square as Fear and Loneliness Creep in Around the Periphery
The Impracticallia Morphallensis: Book of Useless Knowledge
Bodies of Impractical Theorems—Shards of Useless Formulations
Status in Perditionary Zones of Vague & Floating Discontent

Rancor On a Park Bench:
Book Number 30: Vertiginous Thoughts Inscribed and Smeared By the Raindrops in the Mighty City of Absentia
Endless Succession of Days Come & Gone Without Import or Reason
Low-Key, Water-Park...In the Chess Quadrant—Just a Few Watery Phantoms Clinging to the Parkscape
No Electrical Bio-Charge in Evidence—No Spark—No Mad Impulse to Provoke—Just a Balmy and Baleful
Torpor in the Watery Park...
The Calendaria Incoherenticca: Insults Heaped Upon Insults in this Non-May Month on One of the Peeling
Leaves of the Mneumonic Calendar
Department of Homicidal Rage

4:31—Washinton Square in an Overcast Slight Drizzle—Sitting Under a Tree—Nowhere To Go...

Park Bench Hymnals:
March of the Ellipsis
The Refrain of the Late Afternoon
The Little Book of Dis-Continued Bus Routes And Phantom Stops
Orchestrallia Impedimentia
Book of Revoked Licenses
Rooms Formerly Occupied: Variegated Clues
Identities Broken Down To Specific Sets of Clues
Orchestra of Moaning Structures and Heaving Chants

Strange & Luminous Years According to the Mneumonic Calendar:
Tertiary Longings in an Unknown Font
Strands of Poisonous and Variegated Light Bulbs
The Evil Sweat of Rancorous Thoughts
Time Measured Out in Obscure Dollops
Words Come Slowly, Fitfully...

Stranded on a Park Bench...

Brian Spaeth
Born in New York City in 1948
East Village resident since 1979
Currently living in Brooklyn
Painter, graphic designer, musician & composer, recording artist, writer & poet
BFA from The School of Visual Arts 1980
Painter of Formal Garden/Landscapes of Psychedelic Intent
Former member of New York’s Garage-Band Legends: The Fleshtones
Currently recording with my own band: The Crazy Pages—Atavistic Town-Cryers of Disco-Garage, Folk Music
Currently working on short stories, poems, rants, and park-bench scratchings.
And Trying to Stay Alive in This Great & Morbid City Sometimes Called:
Aphasia, and at other times: Abscondia

© 2007 Underground Voices