Typewriter Tapping

The tapping of a
Colors the air
With words
Escaping from
An open window
Where curtain ends
Breathe out
Like pigtails
Walking home
From school.

The d of descend
Drops into the a
Of an alley
Where g for
Garbage lay
s from scatter
Releasing the f
Of foul aromas.

Long lines of
Words wing into
The space between
From busy fingers
Setting a story
To paper
About a city
Beyond this alley.

Dr. Singer attained his doctorate in chiropractic
from Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, Missouri.
Dr. Singer has served on Legislative and Practice
Management committees for the American Chiropractic
Association, lecturing at a number of chiropractic
colleges in the United States, Canada and Australia,
and has authored over 50 articles pertaining to
chiropractic management and legal guidelines for
associates. He has maintained a solo practice for
the past 30 years.

2004-2009 Underground Voices