The Star Of Cell Block B

If you never make it big and continue to be
the mediocre, schnook playing your acoustic love slop on the train
or the after-midnight show hack at New York Comedy Club,
standing on a dilapidated stage, with a broken mic,
performing to 5 people, two of whom might be homeless
and are smoking crack in the dark, back corner to stage right,
you start wishing for some accident to strike you
-Paralysis, terminal illness, a toothache-
something to give you an excuse from your existence.

When I remained mediocre and
God didnít respond to my instant messages
I took matters into my own hand.
It was easy to get the gun.
Iíve had a coke dealer for years.

The two Mexicans carrying a majestically
mirror passed right in front of me
as I walked out of the Jamba Juice on 40th and Broadway.
I figured fuck it.
I shot one in the back of his skull.
His life didnít flash before his eyes,
but his brain did splatter over the mirror
and the back of his partnerís coat.
The other looked Filipino when bullets entered his throat,
though I was aiming for his heart.

I dragged the mirror with one hand
as shards of glass marched behind me.
It wasnít easy tagging the others.
The mirror was heavy and
when bullets run, people fly.
In front of the Gap on 42nd street,
I dropped the gun and mirror,
dumped a bag of blow on it,
and vacuumed up
Pieces of brain, glass, and a beautiful snowhill.

After my trial there were some talks of a reality show,
but it never happened.
Now and then they still mention my name
in the papers and there are a few blogs devoted to me.
I heard that some law schools talk about my case.
Iím a footnote.
Listen friend, whatever you actually hear
donít let the critics fool you
ainít nothing wrong with infamy.

Eric Silvera has been published in The Promethean, his poetry was shortlisted for the 2010 Matrix Magazine/Pop Montreal LitPop Awards, and heís currently pursuing his M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the City College of New York. He also performs stand-up comedy in clubs and dive bars throughout New York City and work as an ad executive to pay the bills.

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