Its not an easy lifestyle
That I have chosen
There are many ups to it
The hysterical laughter
And wild night rides
And warm anonymous pussy
The drunken parties
And midnight tattoos
The warm kisses
And loud music
Fighting and fucking and loving
And giving the finger to death
As we embrace every whim of life
Yes there are many positives
But no one sees my downfalls
No one sees my empty cold bed
No one sees my drunken tears
In lonely showers
No one sees the bloody vomit
On motel bathroom floors
Splattered red
Against the dingy tile
No one fucking sees
The burst blood vessels
Under my blackened eyes
Or they never see
The std tests
Or empty bank account
They don't see me alone
Holiday after holiday
Drinking myself numb in
Some shitty room
Shaking and sweating
They only see the fun
No one sees the pain
This lifestyle takes
And I am chocked full
Of that

Adam Schirling is a drunken asshole womanizer who lives in New England, and has fully embraced the lifestyle of the Absurd. He acts tough, but in reality is a poser full of regrets and loss that make him weep in the dark hours of the night. His poetry/flash fiction/and rants can be found on Alternative Reel, Horror Sleaze&Trash, and on his blog drunkenabsurdity.blogspot.com

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