No Sleep in Worcester

It’s not like I was up till 4 AM snorting cocaine and listening to Guns n’ Roses Lies

Lying in bed, listening to the city tramps go through the early morning motions…proposition the
newspaper workers and the third shift security guards.

Thinking about morality…sensing that the city is on another plateau of right and wrong.

Many that live in the apartments around me, I’m sure, are up at this time under the influence of
drugs, booze, depression, or just a confused state of being.

So-I guess with that thought I am not alone…
Just another lost soul thrown into Worcester’s majority population. A fixture among the ruins.

Righteous but Wrong

Hazen escape
with a touch of scotch—

Walk along the sidewalk
staggering slightly.

Tides will terminate
where tears implant the earth.

With a stroll into the bland.

Steps cease.

Dan Provost is 44 years old and reads a lot of poetry. Some of his favorites include:
Bukowski, Lyn Lyfshin, RC Edrington, JJ Campbell, and Arthur Rimbald. He has been
published in numerous poetry e-zines and small print magazines.

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