Classical music fills the room,
Mozart calming in an ironic way,
nerves shaky,
the cigarette lit on the second try,
feeling a fly caught in a web,
the wait now only for the spider to appear,
the web’s bait reappears,
the denim shorts still cupping her ass,
reminding one of why the risks taken,
The only questions now,
     and why Mozart.

Winter Daydreams

trees naked and gnarly,
old men in a sauna,
shrunken and gray,
hoping to get warm,
and breath new life into weary limbs,
huddled against the cold and snow,
leaning on the knowledge spring is around the corner,
if only they can hold out one more winter.

Douglas Polk is a poet living in the wilds of central Nebraska with his wife and two boys. He has had numerous poems , three books of poems, and two children's books published. Poetry books are: In My Defense, The Defense Rests, On Appeal. The children's books are: The Legend of Garle Pond, and Marie's Home.

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