Inked-In Versions of Self

Describe your tongue
how it wraps around the vowels, consonants,
the diction of who you are because this picture
exposes nothing of you...
might be,
could be,

Pencil in a doorway to the walled-off
secrets erasing the brick and mortar history.
Better forgotten? Oh no this wall is crumbling
inside, relics in black ink - permanent -
scratching to reach the dermis.

Paint a wave to clean the cobwebs
shaping teeth and bone as stone.

Everything to Dust

Ashes on the other side
of my outside.
Diamonds buried in flesh
wearing down the inside
burrowing - far gone with no light.

Chiseling along bones
the hardest ones break,
insert prophetic claim here.
This does matter, time, this place.
These sticks framed in by nothing.

Ivy Page is a poet whose poetry has been described by Ross Gay as, "passionate, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious poems, (which) always have a deep and generous intelligence." She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters. She is the editor and founder of OVS Magazine.

A graduate of Plymouth State University with a BA in English and minor in Medieval Studies, she went on to complete her MFA in Creative Writing at New England College.

Ivy has taught creative writing for Plymouth State University's Community Education program, and currently teaches a creative writing workshop at D Acres in Dorchester New Hampshire, and is an adjunct professor at New Hampshire Technical Institute.

Her work has appeared in Cantarville, Snow Monkey, Oak Bend Review, The November 3rd Club, Night Train, and forthcoming in the September issue of The Houston Literary Review, the fall issue of the Boston Literary Magazine, and New Plains Review. Her first book review will be out in the New Southerner in the winter '09.

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