In school he was a sprinter.
Today he's a short fuse
marathon runner lugging all his
belongings uphill in a shopping cart.
God didn't know who he was.
If you pointed him out
He still wouldn't have known.
But there is a chance he'll walk
himself back home across the bridge
to the house with a chimney resembling
a monolith from where Vivaldi inches
like fog across cobblestone in twilight.

Sergio Ortiz grew up in Chicago, studied English
literature at Inter-American University, and
philosophy at World University. He was an ESL
teacher most of his life, worked as a Daily Living
Skills Instructor for the El Paso Lighthouse for
the Blind. His work has been published or is
forthcoming this year in: Salt River Review, Modern
English Tanka, and Yellow Medicine, The Battered
Suitcase, Shipwright, Loch Raven Review, Red Fez,
Rust and Moth, Tongues Of The Ocean, Collective
Fallout, Shamrock Haiku Journal, 3lights Gallery,
The Smoking Poet, Word Catalyst, Clean Sheets, and
over fifty other journals.

2004 - 2009 Underground Voices