border town

My own bar
My bano
My downtown w/doors
And stale smoke
I change w/out changing
I charge the minimum
Peg leg pays
So does trust, betrayal
They come every day
No hurry no anxiety
No problem, my friend,
The lost decade found
Black rose passed around
Another girl murdered.

Michael lives in CA, halfway between LA & San Francisco, writes for a new
literary journal called the Rogue Voice. He has poetry in & coming out at
Angry Poet, Static Movement, Thieves Jargon, My Favorite Bullet, Instant
Pussy; fiction at Laura Hird (Desert Rose) & soon at Lampshade & Dispatch.
His novella (the longest suicide note by stanley k. at www.thekingsenglish.org)
was nominated as one of the best online stories of 2005.

2006 Underground Voices