I Am A Broken Machine

After years in
this factory
it's hard to tell
where machines end
and I begin

My days are
as mechanical
my movements as
labored, weary
and infinite

When I'm weak
they'll keep pushing
and when I'm broke
they'll toss me out
for new machines

Monday Morning Portrait

The hum of my machines
motors, whirring, hissing
mills grind while presses
spin like feverish carousels
Eyes dart from monitors to

Gauges and flashing lights
nonsense numbers climb
and fall at the whim of
illuminated buttons under
smudged gloved fingertips

Outside of this hallway I
can hear assembly lines
and machines clanking
doors rising and falling
with a jarring limp thud

Someone is laughing in
the break room, a sick
pathetic broken laugh
as numb and mechanical
as everything else here

Even this respirator can't
mask the scent of misery

Wayne Mason is a writer, sound artist and factory worker from Central Florida. His words have appeared across the small press in magazines both print and online. He is the author of an eclectic body of work including numerous amounts of poetry, short stories, five chapbooks. He is the former poetry editor for Side Of Grits, and The Tampa Bay Muse. He also founded and led the now defunct poetry collective Wordcore. Wayne Mason has also been active in experimental music for nearly twenty years. He records ambient, experimental and noise sounds, formerly under the name of Zilbread, and is also a founding member of the experimental/noise/drum&bass project Stickfigure and the noise/tribal/poetry group Flies And Buddhas.


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