BOOK REVIEW - 02/2012


How do you keep the zombie landscape fresh and interesting in an over-saturated market? Ask Aaron Thomas Nelson because he’s figured it out with his soon-to-be published graphic novel, Marlow. There’s a solid story, a fleshed out lead, and incredible artwork.

         Zombie stories tend to be unbearably cliché but Aaron concocts a different kind of story that manages to separate itself from the sludge of mediocrity out there. He does so by avoiding the major pitfall: contrived genre plot points. I won’t expand on the plot here because to do so would unfairly give too much away, but Marlow’s dilemmas are real, current, and worth every 119 pages of resolution. Somebody actually gave some thought to storytelling here. Marlowe’s charm is not the story, however, it’s the art work: stark black and white characters against muted gray backgrounds. Artist Matthew Reynolds truly brings a unique vision and if you’re flipping through the novel, Marlow could almost pass for a coffee table art book. This is a good thing, by the way. It means the art, alone, could sell this book (I’ve posted a page from my favorite section of Marlow, SOUL OF DARKNESS, as an example).

         Marlow is a fast, enjoyable read; and overall Aaron does a great job of balancing story against eye-stopping illustrations. But for all the mentions of narrative, plot, and character; it’s the artwork that makes Marlow truly worth buying.

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