The Doll's Hour or The Truth about Barbie

Barbie and Ken got divorced and Barbie moved in with Raggedy Ann and they
became partners.

Ken was happy the charade was over, I'm sure you all read about the divorce
in the papers.

Her agent Mattel was a little worried about her popularity. What if the
public found out that Barbie was living with a cloth doll?

The courts removed Skipper, Barbie's little sister from the Dream House,
because according to them a plastic doll and a cloth doll being together is
considered unnatural and an inappropriate environment to raise a plastic
child in, but Raggedy Ann's brother Andy is an excellent attorney.

It is a little awkward at times, because Raggedy Ann doesn't exactly fit in
the Dream House, but Barbie and Ann seem really happy.

Sometimes Barbie has a hard time walking for long periods, because of her
oversize breasts and her tiny feet that are a little malformed, because of a
lifelong addiction to high heels, but since Ann has a comfy front pocket,
Barbie often hitches a ride inside it, and that's something that she could
never do with Ken.

Barbie and Ken are still really good friends.

Ken is living with He-Man in a condo in WeHo.

2006 Underground Voices