There aint no cure for suicide

Sometimes I find myself wondering
What’s inside a demons pocket
And if even Satan’s liver
Is bad
There aint no cure for suicide.

People seem to be waiting
For me to write
The great Spider web sonnet
But I spent my stamp money
On cyanide
There aint no cure for suicide

Any prick with a needle
Would make me fall in love
Tripping over sunflowers
Would only make me more seedy
And there aint no cure for suicide.

The father and the ghost
Have gone fishing
The son, completing the trilogy
Was nailed from the very beginning
He was selling soul protection
A traveling salesman
His trench coat was lined with hot crucifixes
There just aint no cure for suicide

Splinters from the cross
Gave love a bad name
I’d invite in a vampire
Before I’d open my door to that salesman
And every time I think of my calling
I cry
But there aint no cure for suicide.

Someone should write a poem about me

someone should write a poem about me
a short and beautiful one
just touch on my tips

it’s that beautiful singing irony here
my life is a living hell
not one would be willing
to walk in these shoes for a day.
and people may be right
when they say I’ve given up
on myself

But I still think there are
are so many good poems
that could be
written about me
they would be brilliant

like how I took a note
to my therapist.
it was a poem
explaining that I missed my last appt.
because I was too high to drive

from the Outside
i see how people
might be intrigued by my erratic, eccentric behavior.
the fact that I wear all black
drive a hearse
that lady at the abortion clinic
who was speechless when I told her I was an atheist.
I remember very well her gold necklace
with a shining cross
and I take it all in
like a vampire
mapping out an escape
for future ventures
to assorted clinics.

Maybe someone could write a poem
about my slow
Maybe you could make it a tragedy
write about a childhood experience

Maybe you could make it a romance
If you pissed on my grave

Maybe you could make it a comedy
if the exit was explosive enough
the people would simply remember
that the poem made them laugh

I get love poems sometimes
if you believe in love
and I believe in nothing
and it smothers me
and it is terrifying

Maybe you someone could write
about my constant battle
with dragons and serpents
dancing together

Lots of red

and the beautiful wonderful
days when I can lasso in
The throbbing madness

and make them all sing
like bitches for me.

Shopping Malls

If I could have a funeral for every dead cigarette butt I saw
I’d be dressed to kill,
and in graveyards all the time.
I figure the best thing to do when you are absolutely sure that this is the second when you are losing your mind
is to sit down and write
There’s your happy ending

I have black roses all over my room

I like to give head in movie theatres
Public bathrooms
The car while you drive
The alley
and if my hair were long enough,
I would wear pig-tails for you.
You can do whatever you want
I just need someone to call

I see how you all look at me
And nothing will ever be enough

I will be the crazy lady
In front of the krogers downtown
Always asking for money
And it’s always an emergency
And it IS always an emergency

I broke the cross over my knee
And then I fetched it for you
To use as a switch on me
And even my friends see it
When they read my words
They felt it when they looked into my eyes
I’ve already let go
And the other hand is struggling
To maintain it’s grip.

They see it
Struggling with demons
Struggling with an overwhelming urge to kill
When I hear the words “Shopping Mall”

Debbie Kirk is the author of two chapbooks “Lost Words of Suicide Lovers “(Pink Anarchkitty Press),
and “Valley of the Gallows” (Black Hoody Nation). She has been published in a number of online
publications including the following: Babel Magazine, Mystery Island Publications, Impetus,
Cherry Bleeds, Mystery Island Remark…a ‘zine of damn fine poetry, Lummox Journal, Foole’s Gold,
The People’s Poet, Sex and Guts etc. She has also been published in a number of print ‘zines,
to name a few: Failed Seeker, Fearless, Open Minds Quarterly, Transcendent Visions,
and Austin Celebrity Profiles. She is the creator and editor for Pink Anarchkitty Press.

© 2003 Underground Voices