Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc lied to her Master
In order to spend a night with me
We murdered our inhibitions with plenty of toxins
I ploughed it in
She whimpered “be careful”
I wasn’t

Afterwards in Flux
we kept on smelling her blood
we laughed at that

when the sun said “good morning”
I flew to Cape Town
Joan of Arc went back to her Master

Ten Pages

The first page was a page of Crude Reflections

The second page was a page of Cruel Rejections

The third page had the lyrics to the House of

The fourth page was a page of Unanswered
The fifth page was a page of Diagonally
                         In size and

Until the sixth page blazed
And the seventh page harmonized
But the eighth page got stuck in the ATM
And the ninth page committed suicide
After reading the front page of
Tomorrow's newspaper

Aryan Kaganof drives Audi and shoots Glock. His favourite mode is
prosopopoeia. He lives in Johannesburg.

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