Where can it be?

Ok I will look under the table
out by the shed
and over at Jamie’s house
and I will check with
the local police and
I will even place
some signs in town
and if I could afford one
I would hire a private
detective whether
he looks like Bogart
or not doesn’t matter
what matters is
that you lost
something that
can never be replaced
and we all want
to do something
about it
but eventually
someone will
have to break it
to you
your youth is gone

Pale Diva

she is offbeat and quirky
like an indie star
or a sexy suicidal
resident of the Chelsea Hotel
she is black slacks
and Jack Kerouac paperbacks
both post beatnik and somewhat seventies
she is of skinny
and retro punk decent
she belongs on St. Marks place
and she earns
every stare up
and down her endless legs
she is and always will
be somebody
that drags you
through drama and desire
and leaves you desperately
in need of
another hit of her

Hitchcockian Tease

you led me on
and left me on the edge
of my leather couch
thinking I was
going to score a symphonic
complete with bombastic
instead you announced you
had to go
and you gathered up
your clothing
turning me into a
stuttering Jimmy Stewart
my only consolation
being that my dog
chewed up your
high heel shoes

Getting by

you don’t
do anything
with your time
change anything
in this world
and there is nothing
going on
and nowhere
you really want to go
but somehow
you manage
to make
everything alright

Ivan Jenson was a prodigy in poetry and art. In New York City he
received recognition and praise for his bold Pop Art. His “Absolut
Jenson” painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and he has
sold several works at Christie's New York. His poems have appeared or
are forthcoming in Word Riot, Camroc Press Review, Zygote in my
Coffee, Poetry Super Highway, Hidden City Quarterly, The Blue House,
Spokenwar, The Commonline project, nthWORD, Lunarosity, The Write
Place at the Write TIme and Word Catalyst Magazine among others. He
now writes mainstream/contemporary novels and poetry in Grand Rapids
Michigan and has published widely in the the US and the UK.

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