A Scene Out of Nowhere

Up through the long-winded scars
of decided remnants, she and I decide
to keep our silence amidst the play
by play of yesterday's election results
seeping irrelevantly over the radio.

This could be our anniversary,
perhaps even the one before china.

I glimpse a man peddling fresh
tube socks and a used porn video.
My wife supplicates our outlooks-
she gnaws at her naked fingernails.

I pat at my breast pocket,
but there's nothing solid there.
Spying my craving, she thinks
she could smile; laugh aloud.

A Lotto commercial comes over
the radio. A sprinkle of rain hits
the windshield, stays. She leans to
turn the radio's volume down. With
a glance into the rearview mirror,
I notice the flesh surrounding my
eyes mold into a crossed gravity.

Hospodka's work has appeared within Spilled Coffee, decomP, and Retort Magazine, among others. He is author of the acclaimed Literary Picture Show, South Side Trilogy: www.bohemianpupil.com

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