Cellular Village

each conversation starts somewhere
between two placesóLA and Salt Lake,
Globe and Missoula, Baton Rouge and Barreó

& takes up residency here in the house
for peaceful discussion of little things

or the house for the tiniest of nothings
whispered long distance by two lovers

or the house of businessódirect or cajoling
the house closest to the sky where things get done

or the house of negative momentsóthe prank call,
the screams of divorce, the cry of a dead loved one

conversations live here for a few minutes
reincarnate again & again in the same space

they die inó kitchen, bedroom, hallway, roof.

Ryan Holden is a graduate student in Creative Writing at Arizona State University. He has poems forthcoming in Leaf Garden Press, Up the Staircase, and Country Dog Review. He received an Honorable Mention for The Katharine C. Turner Prize of The Academy of American Poets in 2009. He has received a fellowship to teach at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China for the summer of 2010.

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