The Seal of Ice

Not many people roamed the streets.
He found a collection of papers nailed to a wall,
Had strings hanging from his pockets,
And scissors in his coat.
Ravens crossed his path,
Just dodging a porcelain plate…
“Didn’t anyone teach you to knock?
I could have split yer skull!”
All the shards in a rag,
His crown was in the hands of a servant,
Two halves by a large crevice.
The ceiling showering crystal, glass and mortar,
Bullets riddled the planks of the deck,
Flood reached ravenously to the ship,
Tossing wood fragments into the air.

The cyclone slowly receded.

We searched the beach for any valuable wreckage.
Massive layers of skins that were once arms.
Bloated skins that barely resembled anything
Pat the dust off the coat carelessly,
Not paying attention to detail.

Art film: Take 3

We were shooting your latest film,
Titled with some French phrase,
With double meanings that are somewhat
Sexual and somewhat
Religious in their context to the screenplay.

It was designated that the feature
would be presented as two separate parts.

The monosyllabic church scene transitioned well in the funeral scene,
And laughing at the coffin was completed in one take,
(You noticed, I noticed, that I didn’t want to let go of your hand
After walking to the hill’s crest.)

And part one was complete,
Audio-techs were paid,
Technicolor did their bit,
And we were out of funding.

We rewrote the script,
And had one last scene,
Gradually fading into black and white.
With a crew of three we recorded
You and I sitting at those overhangs,
You stood claiming you’d, “Be right back.”

In your absence our camera girl, Jenny,
Came and sat by me,
But we never talk.
Music ensues for ten minutes,
And in the end we lowered a camera,
Down the mountainside,
And sped up the film,
As if my character had jumped.

The music hits a climax as the eyes of the lens close.

Robert Louis Henry lives in Tennessee. His works have appeared or are
forthcoming in The Commonline Project, Madswirl, Heroine Love Songs,
and Unlikely 2.0. His first book, "And the Household," is forthcoming
in late 2008. He is currently studying music production.

© 2008 Underground Voices