My Muse Likes a Good Buzz

she never visits me
unless Iím high on caffeine
or alcohol, and
sheís not too thrilled
I gave up nicotine.
She secretly hopes
Iíll backslide,
and considering
tobaccoís deadly rep
that begs the question
Iíve never been able to answer,
what has greater value,
art or life?

Joy to the World

7 a.m., December 25th,
too depressed to get out of bed,
contemplating solutions,
the unmentionable comes to mind,
followed quickly by a desire
to simply get drunk and
fuck this stupid observance of a deity
killed off long ago by
Nietzsche and friends.
The whole world and everyone I know
are seemingly drunk with good will,
but whatís under the Christmas tree
piques more interest and is of greater concern
than the war our country is waging
7,000 miles away. And to think,
I once believed doing good onto others
was that deityís will,
but he or she sure seems to be alive and well,
sanctioning the letting of innocent blood,
anywhere, anytime, any day,
even this one.

Paul Hellweg has had over one hundred poems published since his debut in 2009. He won the 2009 Coatlism Press full-length poetry book contest, and he has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. For more, please see: www.paulhellweg.com

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