The Deck Doesnít Look Good

When Iím home
the pigeons

try to fly
into my


bringing their omen of death,

and when I come home
after work

I find their feathers on the windowsill.

The "end" is a coloring book
slowly being filled in

by wings

outta control.

The Impoverished Bottle

fingertips inscribe ballads
upon the sidewalk

gravity as co-artist

each breath a soldier
attacking memory

arresting the empty
frame of creation
in space


the dope is purple
and the syringe is pink

my head turns into
multi-colored cotton candy

when i slam the circus
into my jugular

Jonathan Hayes is the author of Echoes from the
Sarcophagus (3300 Press, 1997), St. Paul Hotel
(Ex Nihilo Press, 2000), and self invented
(split chapbook with Mark Sonnenfeld, Marymark
Press, 2003). Recently published by Big Bridge,
Pemmican, and Zaum; he edits the literary/art
magazine Over the Transom.

© 2004 Underground Voices