so passed a promising life
of Alexander Galper:
he consumed a mountain of meat
tried switching to vegetables
lit up after the third shot
chased after every skirt
studied the devil knows what
and worked the hell knows where.

The Wife Who’s Always With You

I was helping a friend, a sculptor, move. His wife kicked him out for drinking. The heaviest of all his things was an enormous bust of his wife’s head carved out of rock. It was literally impossible to lift. I begged him to leave the masterpiece to the original. But he cried that she was still his beloved and he must have her next to him. Otherwise, he’ll simply die of loneliness. A matter of Life and Death itself. Getting that thing in the back seat was a pain in the ass. During the ride, the head, which was twice if not three times the original, rolled around the back seat and kicked him painfully in the back. Eventually, he turned around, grabbed her neck with both hands and screamed that, if she keeps fighting, he will never come back to her, no matter how much she asks.

Those poems were translated from Russian by Misha Delibash.

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