In Memoriam 2

There is a hole black and deep

Below the bridge

To leap through by

A bruised butterfly, flutter of wings

Wet with weary thoughts.

His dark shape in leather

Black as night, as cold as stars

Falls, a stone of flesh and bone

That once cracked smiles and laughed;

His strong once shoulders touched,

His mind so tense in now

Drops like a fragment of a curtain

Furled with failing wings.

The bridge an aching memory,

And now the ground approaches fast

And swallows up his soul.

In Memoriam #3

I remember; it is

A bitter piece of agony

Like hammered bone,

Fragments shattered.

I remember tracks followed

On crisp snow,

The arc of your skis

Tearing up the mountain,

Rending powder

Into a still blemished symmetry.

I remember tiny shards of time

Spent on many mountains,

Postcards sent and saved,

Parts of you

Silently held close to my heart,

I remember and weep the anger

Of your leaving

A stone dropping into dust.

2004 Underground Voices