Destination Tucson, AZ

Sitting on the plane
wrapped in the metal womb
pulsating white noise
surrounds me
time to myself time
to breathe recycled breaths
life breaths
of my fellow travelers
the sharing is
such an intimate act yet
there is comfort
in the anonymity
I put the ear buds in
and carefully select the music
moments after the first note
works its way through
my nervous system
the emotion flows
I have to shut my eyes
to lock the tears in
they stay closed the entire trip
hiding the sad core
sorrow center
of my visit
I imagine the moment
I would get off of the plane
standing in the desert
and opening my eyes
the tear levee
the desert floor
absorbing tears
becoming dark brown
wet sand and dust

Jason Fisk lives in Chicago-land with his children,
and dogs. He tries to find time to write between
changing diapers and cleaning up poop.
You can visit his website at www.jasonfisk.com

2004-2009 Underground Voices