Better To Reign In Hell

I assume he lost when the renegade angels drew lots
for who would willfully stand up to the Almighty
Creator of heaven & earth
the primum movens of all things?

I often wonder how he broke the ice
whether he waited for the opportune moment
to catch God in an agreeable mood.
Did he butter Him up with flattery
commending Him for His bang-up job on the universe?

Or, preferably, he wasted no time at all
and showed himself out, for, I suppose,
exercising his only choice
in an otherwise unyielding universe
is better than having no choice at all.

An All-American Hero

The ultimate rebel without a cause.
A true Confederate

if not by birthright
then by act of brazen defiance.

Upheld by the Second Amendment
with enough ammo in his gut

to trailblaze from Santa Fe to Rio Grande.
Were he not girdled in everlasting fire

he would have surely moseyed
on up to Texas by now

with a charred bible under one arm –
guns a blazin’.

Kyle Ferguson is completing postdoctoral studies at the University of British Columbia. He has published about 50 works of nonfiction, five of which are books. Among others, his poems appear in the magazines, Quills, Chimera, The Delinquent, Crannog, and Orbis.

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