they won't get me
high or
at minimum

this cup
full of tiny
neon lit bulbs
but the tit
challenged nurse
assures me

these pills
offer life
where once
there was none

& of course
I can't have
another swig
of methadone
to wash
the fuckers


I hide
the fact I write
the way I once hid
my track marks
long flannel
shirt sleeves
years before
grunge music
sucked the tit
of punk rock

it's not that
I regret anything
I've ever done
I just don't want
my stuff
blended in
with all you
lame fucks
that should regret
what you do

bukowski said
"write what you know"
& after dozing
thru a few incestual
open mic
poetry circle jerks
it's obvious
you fucks
know little

so I don't blame
the American public
for not buying
this poetry shit
I blame you
for wiping
your pimpled ass
in there face

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2006 Underground Voices