Pretty Little Mess

you vampiric little mime
with your sad cliché
of smudged black eyeliner
& charcoal blackened lips,
polished red leather
mini-skirt & bra shines
like cheap plastic
in this forced
terrace moonlight.

I'll write books about
the 3 a.m. nosebleeds
& tissues tossed
like tampons
in your kitchen trash
& the antique
Betty Boop cigarette case
chalky white
with that poorly cut cocaine
you hide beneath
your microwave.

so roll your vacant
23 year old spoiled brat eyes
at my tired life
at my barrio whores & junkies
at my low rent criminal friends,

all you really want
my Prozac numbed
wrist slit Juliet
is to capture me
in your deluxe 3 bedroom
condo cage
as tho I'm some lost
hopeless romantic
poster child
for tortured artist.

an artist I'm not
despite how much
of your dead daddy's cash
you stuff like sluttish fingers
into the front pocket
of my frayed jeans
crumpled like
an old love letter
on your bedroom floor
as I sleep to dream
of somewhere
& someone else.

I am exactly who
& what I am
nothing more-nothing less
but sometimes
when I'm buried deep
inside of you--
my eyes clenched shut
against that stupid
pentagram tattoo stain
between your tender
shoulder blades,
I wonder who
& what exactly
you think you are.

I need to believe

your moonlight brushed
wide adobe eyes
failed to blink closed
when Renee registered
a hidden vein
& melted the heroin
like tortilla lard
into my
decade pure blood,

that drunken
Saturday night
I skin popped a ¼ gram,
Summer cried black
mascara prison bars
onto our pillow
& swore to leave
said everyone
would blame her
dope demons
for re-awaking mine,

so tonight you hold me
like a fallen
brittle idol
you fear may shatter
& swear you love me
& that Summer
only cried because
she didn’t want
to share her dope.

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