in name only
we married lost
alone inside
the false New York chic
of a heroin tainted dream

& like a thin wisp
of smoke
that dissipates
from a tinfoil square
chased thru
a sliced soda straw

love drifted back
to reflect the emptiness
from which it came

I in want only
of my barefoot
rain drenched waif
treading charcoal puddles
down suicide stained
New York alleyways
begging for that final
glorious fix

but you, Dear Edie
refused to be my
black & white Warhol
splashed like graffiti
on a 2nd story
warehouse wall

you always
so much more
than a plaid skirt
in patent leather
knee high boots
shaking your
heart shaped ass
at trolling cabs

& I always
so much less than
ashes you'd flick bored
from candy apple
lipstick smeared
Benson & Hedges
menthol cigarettes

RC Edrington's poetry can be found at

2007 Underground Voices