Henry Miller Lust

How's the forgotten?

Henry Miller lust brought me here

Body manipulation sidetracks me sold my vinyl to the record store...and that can't be forgiven.

The future of ex-communication is communication with the X.

amateur partiers on this Halloween night.

Let's go to the Castro, they say, as they hop in their SUV and drive from Pleasanton to San Fran.

Ya know, I hope I get laid tonite, they say.

Hey, did you read my email, the meeting tomorrow is scheduled for 11 am, they say.

Are my devil horns on straight, they say.

Halloween is for the amateurs.

I'll see you at the Ruby tomorrow.

a funny thing happened when I was looking at the goth girls.

The transvestites were highly insulted and called me bitch and things like that.


my pee smells like
vodka at night
and coffee in the morning

I pull the lint out of
my belly button
and play target practice

when I pee

Tony DuShane lives in San Francisco and is the editor of Cherry Bleeds.
He says things into a microphone and people laugh. He puts moving images on
walls and people watch. His shoe size is 10 and his liver is strong.

2004 Underground Voices