this is not love

you watch dreams like silent movies
you think when leonard peltier places a shotgun shell up to his ear
he can hear the dead rushing up to meet him
but there are only waves of blood

metal detectors never look for heartbeats
only empty soda cans

this is not that war
i tell you that i imagine
love can immigrate
anywhere it pleases

even arizona

you laugh saying
this is not love
this is not that song
belly against the sand
our bones split like atoms

you say this is not us
saying goodbye

this is only
the beginning
of silence

Hudson Valley Daydream Poem #1
for Rebecca Schumejda

as we look out at the water
i think to myself that minutes like these are a privilege
reserved for those with invisible wrist watches
that here time stopped centuries ago
that here angels forgot to mourn the death of Cleopatra
and went right back to being beautiful

that here the bones of stars
are still sacred


we are just screwed up enough
to make it out

2004-2010 Underground Voices