truly rabid in america

like all       good dogs
you had    the markings
of christ      tickling my
spine with      a tuning
fork between     your lips
forming more     active

wounds wrapped    up in
feminine energy      woven
into flags    of instant
celebrity cultural    animosities second
class citizens    yogi's picnic
basket of    detroit ave
kfc and    cheap wine
fed to    the homeless
to sing    them to
sleep without    blankets
the cold    comfort of
moonlight because     of
you jack    kerouac they
won't even    let the
poor have    the blues
anymore their    sad stories
have been    shipped off
to mexico    for pennies
on the

because of    you sal
paradise a      few sweaty
pesos aren't      even worth
thirty pieces       of silver
in the     mouth of

a laying of hands

a dead       indian touched
my skin     a california
raisin called       it the
sun on    a 55
hour greyhound    word trip
it was    telling scott
was bathed    in love
s.a. dreaming    in moonlight
to the     corndog vision
it was   tastay walking
on the   beach in
venice together    land
of the    lady's wisdom
the royal    poets breakfast
drunk i    had a
one night    stand with
a yellowjacket     sweet raspberry
wine leaving   me hungry
for more   to be
replenished at    a later

John Dorsey currently resides in Toledo OH. His work has recently appeared in
fearless, Mystery Island Magazine, The James River Poetry, Poesy Magazine, and The
Dublin Quarterly. He is the author of "Little Boy Beat:Selected Poems" Paladin M
&E Inc., and is the co-author of "The Price Of Sunshine" written with Iris Berry,
Feel Free Press, Forthcoming.

2005 Underground Voices