circa 1970's

your hands   were clasped
in a   swaying way
that said     your body
was a   temple and
when death    came to
collect your    thoughts it
wasn't even    almost a
sweet release   on vinyl
disco dancing    under the
clouds to    1978 sunshine
state of    being cruising
the asbury    park el
train for    good vibrations
seldom found    in any
sort of   wall street
brett easton    ellis kinda
era you    were more
brett harte    than anything
else cuz    like that
ole'drunk     skunk bukowski
you knew    we were
living in        the badlands
and never    really cared
to look    back when
the sun    was in

throw another star on the flag

they danced    like raindrops
kept fallin'    on my
head rings   on a
tree moving    to the
constitutional rights   i know
we've lost    the daydream
those were    fighting words
living in    the land
of the    walking revelation
without a    bus token
to dream    of butterflies
swept up    in the
net of    the cosmos
we've come    this far
to get    a nation's
ghetto pass    redeemed in
the eyes    children we
claimed to    raise in tune
with the    daily religion
of mtv    smoking guns
and pot    within the
code of    the ole'
west we    are being
revised brain    wrinkled like
a grape    in napa
valley or    the words
put in    our culture's
mouth by    the ghost
of john    fante's unborn
shadow i    dreamed you
shared a    joint with
rosa parks   in front
of the    city lights
on columbus    ave where
the boogie    ran cold
chasing you    down yet
to be    imagined dreamscapes
this song    is for
you 51    black and
white keys    of wisdom
shimmering along    the coast
of your    mind's eye
be glad    you were
born packing

John Dorsey currently resides in Toledo OH. His work has recently appeared in
fearless, Mystery Island Magazine, The James River Poetry, Poesy Magazine, and The
Dublin Quarterly. He is the author of "Little Boy Beat:Selected Poems" Paladin M
&E Inc., and is the co-author of "The Price Of Sunshine" written with Iris Berry,
Feel Free Press, Forthcoming.

2005 Underground Voices